Our Mission

Regardless of our connection – as colleagues, friends, family, or even a distant LinkedIn connection, we all have a common goal: 50%.  We strive to create an aerospace industry with gender balance, where women and men are face to face in equal ratios at all levels of the company.  We know this is a significant challenge; we recognize that we may not see gender parity in our lifetime.  But we do not shy away from it – we face the challenge with commitment, integrity and grace.  We do this for all women, whether she’s already reached the C-suite, or is a young girl dreaming of airplanes. 

Summit Purpose

The Leading Ladies Of…Aerospace Annual Virtual Summit is an opportunity to connect women of aerospace from around the world to promote professional and personal strategies for enhancing women’s presence in the industry.  We seek to inspire women of aerospace to reach their personal best and be leaders within their companies, by providing them with tools and strategies for career advancement, access to role models, and a variety of perspectives of the journey they can take.

As we emerge from the current crisis created in our industry by COVID-19, never has it been more important to connect, motivate and inspire.