ALL profits from this event will be donated to A-WING’s COVID Relief Fund to support our sisters in aviation who have had their employment impacted during the crisis.

Aviation Women Inspiring the Next Generation was launched in Q1 2020 by an amazing group of over 30 women from all walks of the industry.  One of their objectives is to enhance the number of women in the industry…and they will not let their wings be broken by a crisis!  The money raised from this event will be used to secure women’s place at the table as we recover from the crisis by providing:

  • Training workshops, including:
    1. Education on the different sectors of the industry
    2. Transferring your skills to different segments of the industry
    3. How to prepare for interviews
    4. How to rock at interviews
  • Resume consultations
  • Career coaching
  • Education for employers on why it is SO IMPORTANT to re-hire women & practice intentional diversity when re-hiring during the upturn.