De-Mystifying DE&I: Diversity In Our Digital Infrastructure

Leading Allies Of... Data Centers & The Cloud: The Mission


8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM GMT

Shannon Hulbert, CEO, Opus Interactive

Fiona McKay, Courageous Leadership Expert & Founder of Leading Ladies Of… / Leading Allies Of...


Join us as we discuss the importance of this event, and how Leading Allies Of… , our sponsors, partners, and steering committee, are creating the waves of change in the industry.

De-Mystify DE&I


8:10 AM PST / 11:10 AM EST / 4:10 PM GMT

Angel Henry, Author, Dents In The Ceiling


Since 2020, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have been in the spotlight like never before. This is a pivotal point in our history, but at times this can feel overwhelming. In this keynote we peel back the onion to what is at the heart of DE&I, and explore how we can each take manageable steps, so collectively we move the needle.

One Size Doesn't Fit All: Different Pathways to DE&I Success


8:30 AM PST / 11:30 AM EST / 4:30 PM GMT

Sureel Choksi, President & CEO, Vantage Data Centers

Jill Sweeney, Ecosystem & Interlocks Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Phill Lawson-Shanks, CIO, Aligned

Heather Dooley, Independent Consultant & Infrastructure Masons Advisory Council Member

Moderated By: Shannon Hulbert, CEO, Opus Interactive


There is no magic formula to solving a company’s DE&I challenges, and the journey to success can take many different paths. In this panel we explore how different companies are achieving their success, how their best practices could be embraced by other companies, and what they might do differently in hindsight.

stretches for hire: solving the talent shortage of today


9:10 AM PST / 12:10 PM EST / 5:10 PM GMT

Brian Cox, CEO, STACK Infrastructure

Beth Ciccone, Data Center Technician, Iron Mountain

Hazim Macky, VP Engineering, Coinme

Leena Patel, CEO, Sandbox2Boardroom

Moderated By: Bill Kleyman, EVP of Digital Solutions, Switch


The Data Center & Cloud talent crisis is well documented, and as demand for our services continues to grow, so does the problem. In Data Centers alone, it is estimated that another 300,000 staff need to be found by 2025.  Diversity could play a huge part in resolving this, but requires us to start hiring ‘out of the box,’ and embracing different recruiting practices. This panel of leaders have all made bold moves in their hiring decisions and have taken risks that are ultimately paying off. Join us to hear their stories, that might just inspire your next move before writing the next job requisition.

Announcements / Break


9:45 AM PST / 12:45 PM EST / 5:45 PM GMT

Better Together: How Allyship Accelerates Change


09:55 AM PST / 12:55 PM EST / 05:55 PM GMT

Nancy Novak, CIO, Compass Data Centers

Meera Venkatesh, Leader, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft

Dave Link, Founder & CEO, ScienceLogic

Roxy Stimpson, Acting VP Engineering, F5

Moderated By: Phillip Marangella, CMO, EdgeConnex


Allies are actively seeking ways to do more to support their colleagues. Hear from allies that are walking the talk and how we all become better leaders because of this. Featuring several perspectives from leading industry organizations, this panel will share their stories on how allyship helps grow D&I opportunity and why continued allyship is so important to secure seats at the table for women and minority groups.

Learning From Women In The C-Suite


10:35 AM PST / 01:35 PM EST / 6:35 PM GMT

Jezzibell Gilmore, CCO & Co-Founder, PacketFabric

Heather Paduck, CFO, STACK Infrastructure

Charisse Richards, CIO, Maricopa County Superior Court

Kathryn Brett Goldman, CEO & Founder, The Cybermaniacs

Moderated By: Fiona McKay, CEO & Founder, Leading Ladies Of... & Leading Allies Of...


In the past decade, women have been appearing in our C-suites at a significant pace. What has been the key to their success, and how have companies benefited as a result? Hearing from these remarkable women will exemplify why diversity is good for business.

From Talk To Action


11:15 AM PST / 02:15 PM EST / 07:15 PM GMT

Shalini Sharma, SVP & General Counsel, Vantage Data Centers

Fiona McKay, CEO & Founder, Leading Ladies Of... & Leading Allies Of...


It’s time to explore translating theory to action. Let’s discuss what it means to put things into practice, both within companies, and for the industry at large. A declaration can be powerful, and even more so when we join forces for change to fulfil them.

Trailblazer Awards Ceremony


11:35 AM PST / 02:35 PM EST / 6:35 PM GMT

Shannon Hulbert, CEO, Opus Interactive

Matthew Vanderzanden, CSO, Stack Infrastructire

Troy Hill, Director of Data Center Operations, Iron Mountain